Faith together, revival for all

A world united on the path of truth beyond division, reaching out to the world


Receive education on how to reach out to different nationalities


Discover how we can unite and become one in God’s word.


Learn how we can successfully awaken the faith in Europe


Meet pastors from all over Europe and make new contacts

Christianity in decline…

There are numerous denominations within Christianity, but in modern times, many churches are facing problems such as a sharp decline in membership, closure of chapels, and decline in believers’ faith.

Now is the time to become one community through the Word of God and restore the true church and faith.



Latin America - Caribbean

Middle East - North Africa

Global share of Christians by Region, 1910-2024

The path to true revival!

Over the decades many have longed for and proclaimed the need for a revival of the Christian faith to take place. However, most have been unable to put this into action or gather the momentum necessary, to make it a reality.

But as a seed that is sown takes time to grow and requires constant nurturing, we at Zion Christian Mission Center have been walking the walk. After steadily planting, growing, and nurturing for many years, we have been preparing the way for true revival to become a reality today!

The exponential growth we have been experiencing recent years is a living testimony to how God has blessed our ministry.

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Join the conference!

We firmly believe that through the Global Pastors Conference Europe 2024 we can and will achieve a higher level of unity within the Christian world in Europe and usher in a new chapter in the revival of faith on this continent.

We look forward to another shining history of revival through this conference and hope that you will join us on this endeavor.

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Union for the revival of the European faith world:
Faith together, revival for all